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If anyone among you is planning ahead it's worth reading then :). As I promised to my son Kartikeya last year that we will make this summer vacation a memorable one. Read if planning trip with kids.

Everyone must plan to travel once a year to a place where you feel alive.Traveling with a child is never easy but life is meant to take risks to have fun to stay happy and to discover new things.

First trip with my son to a hill station: Mom’s Experience

First longest car journey experience. As if there was something which kept on shouting in my head like  mountains are calling. A lifetime experience to share with you all.

If anyone among you is planning ahead it’s worth reading then :). As I promised to my son Kartikeya last year that we will make this summer vacation a memorable one. We tried booking for lots of places..But the entire crowd did not leave even a single place where we could get a train reservation. Tried a lot but wasted my efforts. 

Suddenly one of our couple friends told us they are going to Mussoorie by Car. They wanted us to join them on that trip. It was a tough decision to make the reason obvious as both me & my son are having motion sickness problems. And in such a case going so far was a thought giving me goosebumps. I was in a dilemma about what to do. 

One side was the last option for me to keep my promise to my son & another side my hesitation for long distance travel by car. When you are not sure in any situation just look at your child and decide what is best for him. And his excited face was enough for me to pack my bags and start my lifetime experience. 

Day 1: Dehradun

We started with lots of hope. Excitement…Wanted to run away from this burning summer of my city. We left early in the morning to avoid traffic midway. 

Lesson One: Keep lots of snacks & home made food items

Keep lots of snacks and home made food items ready with you in case you are traveling with a child. 

We reached Dehradun in the afternoon around 12. Shock was that it looked the same as Delhi…Same burning temperature…We somehow got demotivated. Mussoorie welcomed us with some rain the next day. What else do u expect in life then :). We started again but what a view… greeny everywhere. Hills with a picture taking view. This is what keeps you going further. And so finally we reached our destination. Somehow totally tired, we reached Hotel &  the only thing we could have done post that was shopping in mall road…And we two ladies were there in our group and being a lady u can never say No to shopping….Denying shopping should be declared a crime for us… :

Lesson Two:  Local Shopping

Mussoorie Mall road is worth shopping for lots of Junk Jewelry, Roadside Golgappa Bhutta….and what not. It was a nice experience of course… 

Day 2- Kempty Fall, Mussoorie

We planned to visit Kempty Fall in Mussoorie. Started with a cable car and it was awesome..View was so stunning from the top. We reached kempty fall somehow avoiding the huge traffic. But the biggest demotivating factor was it was such a mess…Too much crowded place. We could not get the motivation to get into the water. Thankfully there was another adventure resort in the same place with the same kempty fall but with a low height and less crowded of course. Water was so cool and refreshing. Our kids enjoyed it a lot and then we realized it was worth visiting. 

Lesson Three:

Kempty fall is something you can avoid with family, but kempty adventure resort is a place you must go. It’s a nice place to spend some time with family. We again visited mall road at night, one of our favorite places in Mussoorie :).

Day 3: Dhanaulti

We started for Dhanaulti leaving Mussoorie memories behind. Dhanaulti is a place full of picture taking views. You cannot keep your eyes off of those beautiful roads. Full of green hills. Greenery everywhere, something you must be missing being a metro city person. We reached the hotel early but it was a little disappointing as we could not get a nice hotel. As it’s in our blood for every such incident we always blame our husband & start complaining to them etc.

But trust me we were lucky enough to get those rooms. It was so crowded and a peak time. Thankfully we have been given a place to stay safe with our kids. 

Lesson Four: 

Do not over expect –  Being a human it’s our nature to blame for things we don’t get. Try to get away from this habit. In the summer vacation peak season you will never get a room in any hotel or a hill station. Do not over expect, stay happy and enjoy the moment. 

There were two places to visit in Dhanaulti, One was Surkanda Devi Temple & another one a park with a very nice ambience…Good for family and kids… 

Lesson Five: 

Not even think of visiting the temple in case you have a small child. The way to reach the temple is so tough…It’s not even easy for normal people. You need lots and lots of energy to reach upto the top. But what a view from the temple. And it was a very beautiful temple. Horse riding and pithu for kids are certain options. Still, it’s not for a child less than two year that’s what I observed.

So finally Day 3 was our last day of the Mussoorie trip. We started our journey back to Noida again on day 4. 

Life Learning from Trip With Kids:

And it was quite tiring as we got lots of traffic.  I reached home totally tired, still with a lot of memories. So overall it was a wonderful trip and few things I learned which are definitely worth conveying. 

1. A trip with a child is never easy: 

But so is life…It’s not easy, so take risks. Go to some places u have never visited…Make memories. You can always get money in life but lost time is never regained so keep traveling. 

2. Child can stay happy under any circumstances:

We always thought about how your child adjusts into a certain situation, but the fact is a child can stay happy under any circumstances. We are mature people who get frustrated with tiny troubles in life. Like even a traffic jam can make us complain. 

3. Never over expect from Life: 

You always do not get what you think for. Like in a summer time you can’t aim for a five star hotel awaiting you in Mussoorie. Try to stay happy, least complaining and more of a happy soul.

4. Maggi is a life Savior in a hill station: 

Last but not the least, Do not hesitate to eat that even though you are a true Maggi avoiding person. As it is the most hygienic thing you will get on top of the hills. Also the Bhutta…And corn is anyway healthy… :). A bit long but a memory for a lifetime, so I tried capturing this in my art of writing… 

Hope u liked it !!😊