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Does your baby have a fever? Few suggestions to diagnose fever signs & symptoms in babies and what we do and don'ts. Read mOre

Is your baby suffering from fever? When babies don’t eat, irritate or not feel well etc then we parents are in dilemma what exactly to do or they don’t understand what to do or what his/her child is looking for lacking. Here is what you need to do if your baby …

Ways to Diagnose Fever Symptoms in Infants

Does your baby have a fever(1)? Few suggestions to diagnose fever signs & symptoms in babies and what we do and don’ts. If the baby has fever how can we identify the fever u see the following some symptoms…

  1. Baby Cries Continuously 3 to 4 hr max 
  2. Legs and hand feel like ice when we touch
  3. He spread some sound like hmm hmm
  4. Body heat level increase at a time 
  5. Boby face show very dull 
  6. Urine light or dark yellow color 
  7. Baby feeding ratio reduce at the time of fever

Above are a few symptoms of a baby with a fever. 

What Are Baby Fever Causes?

First question that came to your mind, why the fever captured our baby, here are the reasons…

  1. Uncleanliness 
  2. Bad food, indigestive food 
  3. Main thing is water lot of problem came from unclean water 
  4. Boil the water and give the baby because the baby dont have strong humidity 
  5. Bad hand soap habit gives diarrhea, vomit & more dangerous diseases 
  6. Mother and father don’t take care the children very carefully

Fever Home Remedies for Babies

Hope you understand the above facts. Now one question raises in all of us: what is the first treatment given to your baby at home? Also ReadChild Cough & Cold Homemade Remedies

The first one is to take normal water, pure cotton cloth gently wipe your baby with the water absorbing cloth. Don’t give any tablet without the doctor’s consultation. Immediately take to the hospital and show the baby to the pediatrician. If a pediatrician sees your baby he decides what is the correct treatment of your baby.

After that, upon pediatrician advice, give some syrups he prescribed every 4hr for the baby, but most of the parents do not know what to do if fever is stopped; should they stop giving syrups. One thing we anomaly know if fever has stopped is its stop on the 2nd day continuously given the medicine.

If we carefully watch & take all above measures, then there are no reasons that a child gets sick, fever etc.