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Every parent tries their level best to give their babies nutritional and healthy diet to avoid infection & diseases.

Preschool Tiffin Ideas: Every new parent is always extra excited to cherish every moment with their little ones. In order to cherish them and to make these unforgettable moments more beautiful ,we need to feed our little champs with a diet full of nutritional value and of course with the taste in order to introduce our babies with the world of foods and spices. Like us, babies also like the change and not the same cereal everyday.

What Remember in Preschool Tiffin? 

We should strive to make sure that the yummy yum goes into their tummy. Just we will try to give little twists to our regular cereals and dishes to excite them to have it and at the same time make their food full of nutritional value. Use of vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts and less oil will make them strong n active babies .

Tiffin Recipes Hacks for the 3 to 5 Years Preschoolers

Here are some tiffin tips for the newly school-goers, our preschoolers. Check these Ideas of baby foods with variety, taste and health so as to get a big smile on our baby faces as they enjoy their food.  

1. Bite-Sized Items 

Consider giving bite-sized items which would be easy for them to pick and eat. Like small sized chilly or paneer pakoda, millets. 

2. No Experiments 

Do not try anything new in the tiffins. Pack something which they have already tasted and more importantly which they like. If you want to introduce them to some new foods, try to make it on the weekends or for non-school meals. 

3. Ease

Provide tiffins and bottles which can be opened easily. 

4. Cleaning

Clean water bottles every day with brush (especially the openings). If straw bottles are used, make sure to take out the straw and clean the bottle. When children drink the water after eating, it is likely that food particles may get stuck in the joints and can form bacteria or fungi if not washed carefully and regularly. 

5. Eating by Themselves

Encourage them to eat by themselves at home So they will start eating independently in the school. 

6. No-fuss Food

Avoid giving Roti-sabzi, dal-chawal, poha type of things. As they usually have 3 to 4 hours of school, these can be fed once they are back from school. 

7. Sidies

Always give some sidies for variety and choice like given below…

  • Fruits like banana, chikoo, grapes 
  • Laddus/barfis of their choice 
  • Roasted makhana 
  • Dry Fruits, Ground nut or amaranth chikki 
  • Sliced cucumber carrot, beetroot 8. Main tiffin may include 
  • Any type of bread sandwiches with butter, jam, mayo, veggies, paneer etc. 
  • Stuffed parathas (cut into bite size) 
  • Mini Idli, Dhokla, paniyaram 
  • Cutlet, patties etc 
  • Cookie cutters can be used to cut the food items into different shapes, which will make the tiffin interesting. 

Ways to Protect Preschoolers from Infections?

In simple words , whatever habit we make them form in their initial years will go long, so it’s better to inculcate healthy habits which will also protect them from various infections and allergies of any kind. Avoid too much salt and sugar in their diet and include natural fruit sugar instead.

Remember that it’s an entirely different world for them when they start schooling. Give some time to them to get adjusted to the new environment. It may happen that they may not eat the tiffin completely/at all. But as they get used to the routine, things would go normal.

Obviously , every parent tries their level best to give their babies nutritional and healthy diet. In my blogs focusing on the same. 

So, keep calm and make tiffins 🙂