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Easy ways to have a healthy lifestyle & prevent diseases for your family & keep your child healthy & most importantly happy.

How Health is Important?: As an adult & being responsible parents, sister & brother, your health is a priority. We have compiled a list of handy tips that will help you to stay fit and healthy and to improve your general wellbeing. Here are a few tips to have good health.

7 Ways to Keep You & Children Healthy & Happy

Being Healthy: You always wonder about getting healthy & fit. Here are easy ways to have a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases for your family & keep your child healthy & happy & most importantly happy. A Healthy child is always a happy child.

1. Healthy Eating and Drinking

Healthy eating is important as the food you eat can have a huge impact on your health. A nutritious, balanced diet rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind, especially in later life. Cut down on fat, sugar and salt to avoid diseases and avoid shortening your life expectancy. 

2. Give-up Smoking

Giving up smoking will have a positive effect on your health. You will breathe more easily; your circulation, skin, hair and teeth will improve; and your risk of serious disease will fall. 

3. Get Plenty of Fresh Air

Getting out in the fresh air is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health too. Exposure to sunlight boosts your vitamin D levels, which is essential for your teeth and bones and also makes you feel happier. Going outdoors as often as possible, for example to walk your dog, is also a great way of meeting people and improving your social life. 

4. Keeping Physically Active, Do Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, it costs nothing and it will help to improve your health and general wellbeing and help with weight loss. Your fitness levels will improve and problems such as high blood pressure, depression and joint problems can be prevented. 

5. Be Socially Active

Social isolation is a common problem as it’s not unusual for family members to live in different areas, or even different countries, and not as many people know who their neighbours are nowadays. There are many ways to combat isolation and find friends, such as joining a class or lunch group or doing voluntary work.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Healthy drinking is important to keep enough fluids to flush toxins from your body and keep you hydrated. The recommended amount of fluid you should aim to drink every day is 6 to 8 glasses, but you should increase this amount in hot weather or when you are exercising. 

7. Keeping Your Brain Active

There are lots of easy ways to help to keep your brain alert as you get older. Certain foods can help to increase your brainpower, as well as simple activities such as doing a crossword or quiz, reading a book or having a lively debate!.

If you follow all above it will prevent diseases from your family & nearby. It will help us to keep your child healthy & most importantly happy. A Healthy child is always a happy & prosperous child. 

Keep Healthy & Happy